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Our rule of operation is to always develop a website of higher quality than our client’s competitor. We use the latest trend of techniques, satisfactory design, and thorough analysis of our client’s guideline to maximize our client’s return of investment. Through understanding of businesses, design process, user experience, and responsive web design, we hope to provide the best possible service.
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Lemon Web Design | Preparation for our Clients
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Preparation for our Clients

Please check over the minimum preparation requirements
Basic Information

Please prepare information such as: company introduction, greeting message, address, phone number, slogan, menu configuration, site mapping, catalog, and pamphlet (if applicable).

Domain Name

Selecting domain name that are easy to remember and suitable is recommended. Once you prepare multiple domain names, let the manager know to discuss which domain name is most suitable. Additionally, you can access Lemon Web Design’s Domain Search function.


Mapping of the site is the first step in creating a website. Once you get an abstract idea of the mapping, you can send it to the manager to receive feedback of the most suitable mapping.

Selection of reference website

If you like the design, concept, style, or structure from another website, then please let us know, so that we can better understand your style and preference.

Image asset files and other

Please prepare any image and texts and organize them by the menu, and prepare a slogan for the company. Outside of basic information and relevant images, if you need any images designed, then we can provide high quality commercial licensed images.

Website’s features

Which features to provide for the user is also an important aspect of this process. There are features such as: service application, form submission, quote application, credit card transaction, product sales, discount coupons, point earning system, and newsletter subscription. If you have an abstract idea of features you want, we can give detailed suggestions of the feature’s functionality.

Server Plan Selection

Installation plan of a server that your website can operate on must be built. There are various server plan to avoid traffic problems that arises when web services are provided, however we recommend using Shared Hosting Server, which has low rental cost, then setting up a stand-alone server depending on the traffic issue that arises. You can discuss in detail about server setup with the manager and find the best plan for you.

Lemon Web Hosting Plan

Maintenance Support Plan Selection

Plan for technical assistance and maintenance post-launch is very important and should be discussed with the manager very thoroughly. Lemon Web Design will provide a tool that you can maintain your website with no cost.

Additionally, Lemon Web Design provides maintenance plan for a fee. Services, that require professional attention, such as adding and improving features, are provided in either monthly maintenance plan or case-by-case maintenance plan. By discussing your requirement and picking the most suitable plan, we hope to provide the best possible outsourcing service.

Maintenance Plan Guide

Customer Support

If you have any questions regarding website production, please call us at the number below.

+1 (678) 926-3669

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