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Our rule of operation is to always develop a website of higher quality than our client’s competitor. We use the latest trend of techniques, satisfactory design, and thorough analysis of our client’s guideline to maximize our client’s return of investment. Through understanding of businesses, design process, user experience, and responsive web design, we hope to provide the best possible service.
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Contact Us

If you have any questions, please contact us using the form below.


Does Lemon Web Design provide maintenance service for websites from different web design companies?

Yes, we can. Even if the website is produced from a different company, updating designs and programs, partial updates, and overall program managing should not be a problem. You can talk to us for detailed information.

How does your company manage aftercare?

Lemon Web Design provides various maintenance plan with monthly fee. We also provide a service called maintenance-by-case, in which we provide service for individual case for a fee.

Can we trust Lemon Web Design as a reliable company?

We consider website design/development to be a life-time work. Lemon Web Design possesses professional staffs with many years of experience with website production. We will continue to work hard to move forward with our clients.

Do you provide services to other locations?

Even though we base our operation in Atlanta, Georgia, since web design is an online business, location does not particularly matter. Currently, we have projects contracted for clients in New York and Los Angeles. Access to development progress and technical support can be easily done through the provided account; and consulting can be done through phone calls. We understand that you might have concerns regarding miscommunication due to being unable to personally sit down with us, but from our extensive knowledge and experience, we can easily grasp any details that you might have missed from our discussion.

How long does the development usually take?

Normally, it takes 2-3 weeks for the development. If our client is in a rush, we discuss with our client and adjust the schedule. However, if there are too many contents to cover or if the inspection phase takes longer than expected, we can experience some delays and the client will be informed.

How is the production fee determined?
  1. Requirement of specialized functions or features
  2. Quantity of menu and pages. (Simply means, how much contents your website will hold overall)
  3. Desired quality of websites via usage of images or just plain texts.

You can visit our website development plan to find the most suitable plan for your website.